The AMBCC is proud to be partnered with AARP of Georgia to support the success of entrepreneurs ages 50 and older in their business and personal endeavors.

According to a recent AARP survey, “Staying Ahead of the Curve 2013: AARP Multicultural Work and Career Study,” 15 percent of workers 45-74 are self-employed. Additionally, 13 percent of those who are current wage and salary workers say they plan to start a business once they retire. Small business ownership is a good option for many baby boomers.

The AMBCC is currently working with AARP to present the following programs throughout the state of Georgia. They are as follows:

We would like to acknowledge AMBCC Ambassador Ricky Scott for his leadership in coordinating the AARP Initiatives. Special thanks to Tobias Tillmom , Charima Young, Greg Tanner and the rest of the AARP Georgia Team for their support with these initiatives.

If you like to get involved or learn more about  our AARP Initiatives, please contact Ricky Scott at (678)778-4258 or visit us at our next AARP event. ( Must be an AMBCC member to attend)