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Since January 2, 2005, the AMBCC has been a proactive force throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan region. Establishing sustainable businesses and creating opportunities for members has been and continues to be our number one priority. Our goal is to ensure our member businesses and organizations bring value to the marketplace, remain relevant, competitive and sustainable for future generations.

The Black Business community is a multi-faceted community with varying needs and interests. Over 90 percent of the AMBCC’s programs and activities are focused on addressing the needs of the Black business population. The nation’s African American buying power has risen to over $1 trillion dollars. Our state of Georgia is the third largest black consumer market in the nation with over 73 billion in sales. That same population seeks out the AMBCC because of our ability to effectively capture their interests and address the needs of this diverse population according to origin, income, age and social condition.

With over 100 activities each year, the AMBCC engages with over 5000+ individuals at various events and activities throughout the region, nation and world. Our membership base influences each economic sector and represents over 400 different industries.
To ensure we create value amongst our members we host a series of weekly conference calls, monthly professional development activities and business forums, quarterly industry roundtables, and exposure tours. We also host a series of annual summits and conferences through the region and nation.

THE AMBCC has direct ACCESS TO A STATEWIDE MARKET WORTH over $73 Billion. Our website along with our other social media platforms, serves as a central source of communication and connection with the public and our members. Each month we reach over 10,000 via our e-marketing distribution, our website, social media and our other digital media networks. Such frequency ensures maximum exposure and visibility for our members, advertisers and sponsors who benefit from logo placement, blog profiles and linkage through our site.

Visitors to the AMBCC website include established business owners, budding entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, employees, families, community leaders and governmental entities. The varying classifications of our visitors ensure a diverse population of business leads for our advertisers and sponsors.

The AMBCC welcomes the opportunity to assist you in any endeavor you desire to pursue. Join us today…

Our membership base represents over 400 unique market sector from an array privately owned entities to non-profits.

  • Small Business Owners 80%
  • Solopreneurs 60%
  • Emerging Entities 30%
  • Corporations Mid to Large 5%